Digital Marketing
From global consumer brands to start ups, SMEs to government bodies, we help our clients connect with their audiences through every channel and format. Whether you need digital ads for acquisition, B2B lead generation, web development, or SEO improvement, we can help.

Our Abilities

  • Digital, social and content strategy
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Digital and social advertising
  • Video and audio production, podcasting
  • Paid media planning and management
  • Website design and development
  • CRM, community management, email marketing

Civil Aviation Authority

Following the collapse of Monarch airlines in 2017, Eulogy worked closely with the Civil Aviation Authority to execute a clear and swift way to get people back home.
Read more about how our social targeting strategy, 24/7 monitoring and customer engagement through social media helped control the narrative and get 110,000 people back home safely.


While most of the UK has heard of ATOL, not many actually understood what benefits they provided. Through our education and engagement programme, we helped them reach over 9 million people.

Find out how we helped them evolve from a two-week TV campaign to a 365-day social strategy with mind blowing results.