What they want to be known for:
being the world’s leading expert on shopper behaviour.

The challenge:
Elevate global thought leadership and cut through to senior decision makers, to build a pipeline of leads and drive customer engagement. For the last eight years, we have worked with Kantar Worldpanel Division’s marketing and solutions teams to deliver an annual editorial programme of content to support sales. Central to this is our production of global reports, read by FMCG c-suite professionals around the world.

What we did:
Editorial planning, content strategy, whitepaper production: copywriting and design, interactive web publishing, lead generation, paid media, earned media relations.

The results:
£750k-£1 million of sales attributed to our global content programme in 2019 alone.

  • Established calendar of global thought leadership content, building to six annual report launches

  • Brand Footprint 2020 was the most successful ever: 12,834 reads to-date, and more than 4,000 leads

  • Targeted lead generation campaign on social: 135 global leads in just 15 days; 89 were gold list targets