What they want to be known for:
that guided meditations can improve mental health, and that they’re committed to supporting the UK cope with COVID-19 anxieties with access to mindfulness content, tips and support.

The challenge:
Reach a new audience, educate them on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, and promote Headspace’s initiative to support the UK through COVID-19.

What we did:
Media Relations, Corporate Profiling, Thought Leadership, Content Partnership

The results:
We spread the word that Headspace was providing free memberships for every single NHS worker and unemployed person in the UK. We secured a partnership between the co-founder of Headspace and The Metro, resulting in a series of weekly mindfulness and meditation on the Metro site and social channels with over 35 million impressions.

  • Key takeaways:

    • Our Weathering The Storm COVID-19 campaign secured a reach of 54,628,345

    • Our NHS campaign secured a reach of 240,073,310

    • We secured interviews on wellbeing in the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, The Huffington Post, The Sun, and The Independent.