What they want to be known for:
Being different

The challenge:
To make sure their UK launch was noticed and talked about

What we did:
Media relations, experiential, influencer marketing, product sampling

The results:
since launch, we’ve disrupted the ice cream market, resulting in Halo Top becoming the leader in the better-for-you category, thanks to top tier coverage in print, online, and TV.

Our Microsite stages

Our Media Coverage

  • Halo Top was positioned as a leading millennial, health and fitness-conscious lifestyle brand

  • Delivery through earned media, stakeholder profiling, influencer content and creative activations—from Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake flavour to the ‘Bank of Halo Top’

  • 200+ media hits per year, with billions of impressions through earned and influencer activity

  • 19% year-on-year growth since launching in the UK

Doug Bouton, CEO and co-founder, Halo Top International
“Across all our global operations, there has always been one agency that is head and shoulders above the rest, and that’s Eulogy.”