The one we’ll remember: fire and fury

Now a #1 New York Times bestseller and sparking rumours of a TV adaptation, Michael Wolff’s explosive book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House was released on the 5th.

The title alone pleases us enormously. Rare such it is that the cover of a political tome dares to be both so deliciously meta as to prove itself right within mere minutes, and so toe-curlingly trite that Armando Iannucci has already written a joke about it. (“So full of sh*t, it’s got a colon right in the middle.”)

Indeed, according to his critics, Wolff has a penchant for stretching the truth, and not surprisingly Trump has dismissed the book as “full of lies”. Claims include:

  • Trump and his campaign team “didn’t actually want to win the election”
  • Trump “eats cheeseburgers in bed while watching three TVs at once”
  • Melania “cried” when Trump won the election
  • Trump said romping with friends’ wives “made life worth living”
  • Tony Blair warned Trump that GCHQ may be spying on him
  • Ivanka hopes to be first female president, despite being “dumb as a brick”

The Guardian was first to break the news, writing that former Trump pal Steve Bannon revealed to Woolfe that he thought ‘treasonous’ the famous meeting between the MAGA campaign and Russian lawyers.

New York Magazine had previously purchased the rights to publish the first excerpt from the book and reacted fast by moving up the online publication of the excerpt. A second excerpt was published by The Hollywood Reporter, where Wolff is a columnist.

Most commentators were quick to jump on the Trump-hating bandwagon, but many questioned Wolff’s authority and Andrew Griffin at the Independent argued that Fire and Fury isn’t actually about Trump at all.