The Headliner – Wolff unleashes the Fire and Fury, winter takes its toll and dry January makes us thirsty

Wolff unleashes the Fire and Fury, winter takes its toll and dry January makes us thirsty

Michael Wolff’s new book, ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ has put the cat amongst the pigeons. Trump is insistent that the book, which makes a series of damaging allegations about his administration, is “full of lies”. Was the Trump team shocked and horrified by his election win? Did Melania cry tears of sadness on election night? One thing is for sure, this book is going to cause a furore.

Winter is always the busiest time for the NHS, but this January the situation has been exceptionally testing. Hospitals in England have been told to cancel all non-urgent operations and in-patient treatments until at least the end of January. How will our septuagenarian health service continue to cope with modern day demands?

YouTube star Logan Paul found himself in hot water this week after uploading a controversial video that showed him laughing next to the corpse of a man who died by suicide. Was Logan’s subsequent apology sincere or as some have claimed self-praising? Will the sizeable online backlash effect the fortunes of the influential vlogger?

There have been several stories about banned adverts lately: Iceland for claims about its crumpets; eHarmony for saying its dating service was scientifically proven; Transform cosmetic surgery for exploiting new mums’ body insecurities and finally Captain Morgan’s snapchat advert over fears it would appeal to children. Is this flurry of bans just a coincidence, or a calculated show of strength by the ASA?

2017 saw the biggest rise in UK music sales for two decades. UK consumers streamed 1,036 songs each and bought the equivalent of more than 135m albums across all formats. Is this the dawn of a new golden age for UK music? Or did we all simply have Ed Sheeran on repeat for the past 12 months?

According to a YouGov poll, 3.1 million Brits will be attempting dry January this year. Naturally many will fail. But is getting on the bandwagon for a month a brilliant idea that will save you money, help you lose weight and improve your state of mind? Or, as the Sun argues, is it a dubious move that could lead to an almighty booze binge in February?