The Headliner – Winfrey for President, Carrie Gracie for equality and 50,000 go vegan for January

Winfrey for President, Carrie Gracie for equality and 50,000 go vegan for January

The 75th Golden Globe ceremony was one of the most political of all time, with many actresses dressed in black in support of the Time’s Up movement. Oprah Winfrey’s powerful and moving acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award had many speculating she could be the next US president. Would she win by a landslide? Or is the suggestion that Oprah throws her hat in the ring a distraction that the Democratic party don’t need?

The children’s commissioner for England has said that children are ‘ill-equipped to cope’ with the stress of social media and that many eleven-year-olds are feeling under pressure to be constantly connected online. Are we failing to prepare pupils for the emotional challenges of social media, or are kids who have grown up in an online age more social media savvy than those of us born in an analog world?

Carrie Gracie, the former BBC China editor made the news this week when she resigned over pay equality. She refused a £45,000 rise as it still left a “big gap between her and male counterparts”. The BBC’s reporting was complicated by the fact that Ms Gracie was co-presenting Radio 4’s Today programme when the story broke. Was the result, as the Mail Online claimed, a “soggy morass of self-righteousness over impartiality rules”? Or were the presenters simply doing their best to navigate the challenges of the BBC impartiality rules?

Toby Young has resigned from the new board of a university regulator, just eight days after his appointment. Mr Young’s selection had been met with a fierce backlash over a number of highly controversial comments he had made as a journalist. Was his decision to quit an embarrassment to Theresa May who had recently backed his appointment? Will this cautionary tale make us all more mindful of the views we post on social media?

Veganuary is hugely popular: it is estimated that more than 50,000 people will be attempting to give up all animal products for the first month of the year. Restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets have responded enthusiastically with new vegan offerings. Is this food trend here to stay? Or are the limitations of this diet just too stringent for all but the most dedicated of followers?

Pinterest has shared its round-up of 2018 top travel trends, predicting we will be saddling up our camels for desert escapes, compiling travel journals and getting on board with river cruises. Has the social media site tapped into our actual travel plans? Or just caught glimpsed our collective travel dreams?