The Headliner – What’s the craic?

The Russian spy saga continues to dominate the front pages this week. The PM announced a 24-hour warning for Moscow to release a “credible response” to the attack before more extensive measures will be activated. The tension is certainly building.

From poison to spitting: the shock factor headlines continued as former Liverpool FC captain, Jamie Carragher, was suspended by Sky Sports after a video was released of him spitting out of his car at a Manchester United fan and his 14-year-old daughter. Has football rivalry gone too far this time? And what role has social media played?

Ever wanted to cut yourself off from the perpetual insanity of global politics and live on a pig farm? Well, former Nike chief, Erik Hagerman, has done just that. He’s retreated to Ohio to completely detach himself from fake – and, of course, real – news. Is his drastic decision a one off, or a sign of widespread political unhappiness in the USA?

In the lead up to St Patrick’s Day, our Irish chairman discusses ‘Brand Ireland’. Brands are launching their biggest and greenest themed PR stunts, but which will come out top? As the Irish might say, it ain’t over ‘til it’s clover.

And, finally: new month, new Evening Standard. This week, the Evening Standard released its first redesign in a decade. It is certainly going for originality, adding emojis for the weather, pink business pages and dropping “London” from its masthead. Listen in for our take.