The Headliner – Uber’s in a pickle, the chicken is served pink and the Labour conference is Jammin’

Uber’s in a pickle, the chicken is served pink and the Labour conference is Jammin’

Uber suffered a blow last week when it lost its licence to operate in London, with Transport for London saying it was not “fit and proper” to hold a private hire operator licence. Uber is appealing the decision and more than 800,000 Uber-loving Londoners have signed a petition in support. Is Uber’s apology enough? Or has the company that’s notorious for playing fast and loose with the rules run one too many red lights?

Meanwhile in Brighton, the Labour party conference was in full swing. Check out Keith Vas doing Bob Marley’s Jammin’ at karaoke. For those looking to buy an early Christmas present, there was an exciting array of Corbyn paraphrenia on sale. Hands up who wants a tin of shaving cream Jeremy has never used? Are they, as Corbyn claims, the next government in waiting or will it turn out to be all talk and no trousers?

On the other side of the Atlantic, Harry and Megan had their first official public outing at the Invictus games in Toronto. There were smiles and, in a gratuitous display of public affection, handholding. Start shopping for hats people, it’s clearly only a matter of time before they announce the engagement. Bride? Or Groom?

In the US and Japan, there is a new trend for chicken sashimi, which sounds revolting and has turned more than a few stomachs. Closer to home Michelin star chef Mark Sargent has landed in hot water after serving pink chicken livers. Is this the right way to cook them? Or, as Shepway District Council food hygiene inspectors claim, an unsafe practice?

New research claims millennials are not getting drunk because it’s what their parents did and they consider it “pathetic” or “embarrassing”. Are clean-living young people really shunning the booze in favour of sobriety? Or are they just not opting to share their drunken over indulgences on social media platforms that could be searched by potential employers?

A woman has made the news after attending every funeral at the Holy Redeemer Church in Slough for the past 14 years. Her devotion has upset some relatives who feel her attendance is motivated more by hunger than piety. Just how good are these funeral buffets?