The Headliner – Trump can’t see the would from the trees

Trump can’t see the would from the trees


A real treat of a podcast this week, as Chloe was joined in the studio by Trint CEO and co-founder, Jeff Koffman. The former ABC foreign correspondent shared his thoughts on how AI and technology can revolutionise journalism, freeing up reporters’ time so they can concentrate on the most important part of their craft—the story.

Meanwhile, Eulogy’s Mike Frier and Rachael Sanders joined in for a typically lively discussion on the week’s most fascinating stories.

What a week for Trump. Even by his own notorious standards, he followed up his UK tour with an extraordinary meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. For a man with “the best words”, he got himself into quite a tongue twister over a misplaced “would”—appearing to show confidence in Putin over his own security services. But what else stood out at the summit?

Happy Amazon Prime Day! Consumers where invited to rejoice in the savings, in a celebration of Amazon’s landmark subscription service. It may now pull in more sales than Black Friday, but are the savings really all they appear to be?

The Now That’s What I Call Music series hit its 100th edition this week. To listen to every track on every album back to back would take you more than 10 days, but in a world where music consumption is constantly changing, does the CD compilation have a future?

It might not have come home—but Southgate, you’re the one. He’s certainly turned on TfL and Visa, who worked together to rename Southgate Station as “Gareth Southgate Station”. How are other organisations celebrating England’s surprising World Cup run?