The Headliner – There’s trouble in the Paradise Papers, Boris blunders again and we unwrap the Christmas adverts

There’s trouble in the Paradise Papers, Boris blunders again and we unwrap the Christmas adverts


The Paradise Papers, a huge cache of leaked documents, have dominated the headlines with revelations about the world of offshore finance. A host of celebrities, politicians and multinationals have been caught up in the story, exposed as sheltering their wealth in tax havens. But is this latest expose reputationally damaging? Or is the public suffering “leak fatigue”?

A bumper crop of Christmas adverts has been unveiled all aiming to get us feeling festive and in the mood to spend. Which retailer has found just the right combination of creativity and nostalgia to tug not only at the heartstrings but those of our purses too? And just what is lurking under the bed?

Started in 1921, the Poppy Appeal is one of the longest-running and most successful campaigns of all time. It is Great Britain’s biggest commemoration event and will see more than 40 million poppies distributed by 150,000 collectors. How does this enduring campaign continue to stay relevant? And as we move towards a cashless society, do they need to enable digital donations?

The first episode of Blue Planet 2 was the most watched programme of 2017. 14.1 million people tuned in to see surfing dolphins, gender changing fish and a herd of walruses. Not only was it the biggest show of the year so far, it was the third most-watched programme of the past five years. What is the secret of its whale sized success? Will viewers continue to be hooked on this underwater drama?

Boris Johnson may have worsened the situation for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British mother in prison in Iran. Mrs Zahari-Ratcliffe faces having an additional five years added to her sentence after Boris told a select committee that she was in Iran training journalists. Was this simply a slip of the tongue, or merely Boris being Boris? Or was it a sackable blunder from a Foreign Sectary who should know better?

What’s in a name? Puff Daddy, aka PDiddy, aka Diddy, aka Sean Combs has a new name – Brother Love, but you can call him Love for short. Is this a shrewd move by a master of reinvention as he evolves his brand? Or just a bit of birthday tomfoolery that was seized upon by the media?