The Headliner – The Mooch is fired, breastfeeding on the curriculum and the Diana tapes to be aired

The Mooch is fired, breastfeeding on the curriculum and the Diana tapes to be aired

‘A great day in the White House’ proclaimed Trump on Twitter. Not such a great day for Anthony Scaramucci, AKA the Mooch, who was fired after just 10 days in his role as communications director. The front stabbing, Long Island financier had a turbulent tenure: swearing and ranting at journalists while making accusations about the FBI. Did he get what he deserved? What’s next in the drama that is the White House?

20 years after her death Channel 4 will air the infamous “Diana tapes” –a collection of tapes recorded by the Princess’ speech coach shortly after the end of her marriage. Is it too soon? Would she have wanted her voice heard? Are they important piece of historical evidence? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

We are constantly told the breast is best, yet the UK has one of the lowest rates for breastfeeding in the world. Experts say that to overcome the stigma around breastfeeding we must teach children that it is natural. Can we shift social attitudes and start a breastfeeding boom?

Misogynistic, anti- Semitic and published in one of the most respected papers in the UK. Kevin Myers’ article in the Irish Sunday Times “Sorry ladies, equal pay has to be earned” was resoundingly denounced and Kevin was swiftly fired. But how did his article make it into print and online?

No stranger to a twitter spat, JK Rowling was in hot water this week. After falsely claiming that President Trump had ignored a disabled boy who was visiting the White House, Rowling was forced to backtrack and apologise to the boy’s family. But no such apology has yet been sent to Trump. Should she have said sorry to Donald?

We’ve all been making mashed potato wrong according to Food Network chef Tyler Florence. For the ultimate mash, you need to cook your spuds in milk, butter and cream. It sounds scrumptious. In the words of a famous TV badger: “everyone loves mashed potatoes”!