The Headliner – The end of gender stereotyping, Trump is coming and Peppa Pig is public enemy number one

The end of gender stereotyping, Trump is coming and Peppa Pig is public enemy number one

The Advertising Standards Authority will introduce new regulations to tackle outdated gender stereotyping in adverts. No more harried mothers doing it all, or hapless dads who don’t have a clue about the most basic domestic tasks. Is this, as actress Nanette Newman claims, ridiculously over the top? Or timely legislation that will stop adverts from reinforcing harmful stereotypes that limit choices and aspirations?

Shazam, the app that lets users identify songs, movies, TV shows and commercials, has been bought for a rumoured $400 million; one of Apple’s most expensive takeovers to date. Will Apple suffer buyer’s remorse? Or is this new business duet destined to make beautiful music?

US Ambassador Woody Johnson has told the BBC’s Today that he expects President Trump to visit the UK early in the new year. According to Johnson, the much-publicised Twitter spat between Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May was but a misunderstanding. Will Trump grace our shores with his presence early in the new year? If he does, what kind of reception could the US President expect when popping over for tea?

Walt Disney has bought the bulk of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets for $52.4 billion, in a deal that is set to reshape Hollywood. What will the ramifications of this mega media merger be for employees and the wider industry? And the question on every fan’s lips—what does this mean for the Marvel cinematic universe?

Uber had its preliminary hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court regarding its London licence, with the first appeal scheduled to begin in April or June next year. But Mayor Sadiq Khan warned that the case could go on for years. Is this battle an ominous rattle in Uber’s corporate engine? Or did the media fuel unwarranted hysteria about Transport for London’s decision?

Beloved cartoon character Peppa Pig made headlines for all the wrong reasons this week when she was accused by a GP of fostering unrealistic expectations about family doctors.  Is Peppa Pig telling porkies and encouraging parents to consult their GPs about minor ailments? Or are adult viewers savvy enough to recognise that the actions of the animated animals are just child-friendly fiction?