The Headliner: Summer lovin’ gives ITV2 a blast

Love Island is back! The launch show got ITV2 its biggest audience ever. But why are millions of viewers smitten? Is it the eye candy, bikini clad babes and men with abs so chiseled you could chip a tooth on them? Or, is that in an uncertain and stressful world we all hunger for some escapism? Whatever the reason, for the next eight weeks the islander’s flirtatious antics will be unavoidable.

Apple has launched new ‘digital wellbeing’ tools to help us all spend less time staring at our screens. By showing us how much time we use our devices for, and by enabling us to set time limits for individual apps, can these new tools cure our mobile addiction?

Will they, won’t they? Are two about to become one, or are we heading for an expensive break up? It’s not a celebrity romance, but the Fox/Disney Merger. The boards of both companies may have approved the unison, but the green light is now needed from shareholders. Is this much speculated merger about to happen, or will a last minute rival offer from Comcast throw a spanner in the works?

Bottoms up! Saturday 9th of June is World Gin Day a global celebration of all things gin, with events in up to 30 countries to celebrate the juniper-based tipple. An excellent opportunity to try a new cocktail, or just a nifty bit of boozy marketing? Either way, ours is a double with a wedge of lime.