The Headliner – Show’s over for Weinstein, Zuckerberg’s VR stunt causes real-world offence and Dove is in hot water

Show’s over for Weinstein, Zuckerberg’s VR stunt causes real-world offence and Dove is in hot water

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been fired from his own company after the New York Times published a story alleging he has been sexually harassing women for decades. Since the story broke, dozens more women have come forward. Did everyone in Hollywood really know what was going on? Will Weinstein face charges?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been labelled a ‘heartless billionaire’ and accused of exploiting disaster after appearing as a virtual reality cartoon in hurricane-hit Puerto Rico. Was this the best way to showcase Facebook Spaces potential to bring social interaction into 3D virtual spaces? Or cringeworthy marketing that severely missed the mark?

Will the real FLOTUS please stand up? Ivana Trump kicked a hornet’s nest this week when she declared herself the real First Lady. Melania Trump – the actual First Lady – came out swinging and retorted that it was attention-seeking and self-serving noise. Handbags at dawn? Or a clever move by Ivana to shift copies of her latest book?

A Dove advert was deemed racially insensitive after it appeared to show a black woman transforming into a white woman after using its soap. Dove quickly apologised and pulled the advert. Has this advertising blunder tarnished the brand’s reputation? Or will the swift apology wash this incident from shoppers’ minds?

The father of nudge theory, Richard Thaler, has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics. Thaler’s ideas of nudging people through subtle changes found favour with both Number 10 and the White House. A big recognition for the man whose thinking boosted the number of people saving for a pension? Or a small acknowledgement for the power of suggestion?

The Wall Street Journal has ceased printing its Europe and Asia editions. And Glamour magazine has announced it’s going digital-only. Will readers follow these titles online? Or will paywalls and subscriptions prove to be a click too far?