The Headliner – Prue Leith slips up, allegations in Westminster heat up and witchcraft is generally on the up

Prue Leith slips up, allegations in Westminster heat up and witchcraft is generally on the up

Prue Leith put her foot in the cake mix this week when she tweeted her congratulations to the Great British Bake Off winner, nine hours before the final episode aired. Did Prue’s Twitter blunder ruin the finale and leave viewers with a bitter taste? Or for dedicated fans, was salivating over the ingredients more important than knowing the result?

Post Weinstein and the #Metoo campaign, Westminster is the latest workplace to be rocked by claims of inappropriate sexual conduct. The allegations are deeply disturbing. May has called for reform of the House of Commons “toothless” disciplinary procedures. Just how far reaching will this scandal be? Can public opinion of MPs sink any lower?

Campaigners were angered when it was announced that an anti-abortion charity will be one of the beneficiaries of the levy on women’s sanitary products, also known as the tampon tax. The charity will receive £250,000 for a project to help pregnant homeless women. Does the charity’s rigid pro-life stance make it an unworthy recipient of funding intended to help women? Who on earth thinks sanitary products are luxury?

Paddington Bear has been revealed as the furry face of this year’s Marks and Spencer Christmas advert. Will Paddington be advocating that shoppers only need the bare necessities? Or will he be seduced by Marks and Spencer’s more indulgent creature comforts?

The popularity of witchcraft or Wicca is on the up. According to The Sun ‘more young Brits are coming out of the broom closet than ever before’ and the movement has its own hashtags and social media stars. Is this a passing fad that will be swept away by the next trend? Or are the new generations of witches here to stay?

Thought for the Day is deeply, deeply boring. Well, it is according to John Humphrys. In an interview with the Radio Times Today programme presenters John Humphrys and Justin Webb complained about hearing that “Jesus was really nice”. Is Thought for the Day out of touch with listeners? Or a valued moment of religious reflection?