The Headliner – Politics, punctuation and prostate cancer

This week’s podcast sees Chloe Redfern, Alanna Duffield and Ollie Pink discuss everything from new political parties to proper punctuation.

Having announced a £75 million boost in research funding, Theresa May has officially declared war on prostate cancer. The move has helped spur conversation about the disease, driving awareness and highlighting how the issue can affect men of all ages.

Tony Blair has recently had to deny any ties with a new UK political party. A fledgling “centrist” party, partly funded by the founder of LoveFilm (the now redundant mail-order video rental service) is set to compete in the next general election. Will this be a revolution for the ages, or a flash in the pan?

French President Emmanuel Macron met some resistance when attempting to re-assert French over English as the EU’s lingua franca. Many linguists believe this won’t happen anytime soon, but could the EU soon be speaking the language of love?

Speaking of language, the team digress to discuss their favourite punctuation from the ellipsis (“The raised eyebrow of punctuation” according to Alanna) to the sorely underused em dash—Ollie gives us a lesson on why we should love grammar.

Finally, research has revealed that trying to live up to the achievement of their parents is making men depressed. Studies have shown that men who are unable to better their parents are likely to suffer from anxiety levels similar to those going through a divorce. Are you still struggling to surpass mum or dad, or have you resolved to forging your own success?