The Headliner podcast – A prince is born

This week’s podcast sees Chloe Redfern, Matt Vera Bazley and Rachel Gardner catch the running bug and get all broody over the latest royal baby.

The 2018 London Marathon was the hottest on record, with the mercury hitting a sweat-inducing 24.1C. Whether you did it dressed as a rhino or in high-tech sports gear, reaching the finish line was one heck of an achievement.

Facebook published its content removal policies for the first time, giving the public a rare insight into the rules it uses to decide whether content is acceptable. Will sharing its polices put an end to criticism, or encourage more people to challenge the moderator’s decisions?

A new Prince of Cambridge was born and the media devoted more than 80 pages and hours of coverage to his arrival. Was the intense media coverage all too much, or is our fascination with all things royal an important part of being British?

The weather next week will be changeable, with a downpour of fries followed by an upturned chicken nugget box. At least that’s the forecast according to McDonald’s, which has partnered with the Met Office for a digital outdoor campaign that uses real-time weather data. Highly creative? Or somewhat confusing? One thing we’re sure of is that this marketing campaign is making us hungry for more sunshine.