The Headliner – Paul Hollywood is in hot water, it’s the dole for dart girls and a dark day for black cats

Paul Hollywood is in hot water, it’s the dole for dart girls and a dark day for black cats

Celebrity baker Paul Hollywood was among many high-profile individuals revealed by a New York Times investigation as having bought Twitter followers. Just how widespread is the shady practice of paying for followers? Can we trust that anyone’s social media reach is genuine when it is seemingly so easy and cheap to boost follower numbers?

The UK’s mass surveillance programme was ruled unlawful by the Court of Appeal. The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 widely known as the Snooper’s Charter was deemed to lack adequate safeguards around accessing personal data. Just who has access to our data and what are they doing with it?

The decision by the Professional Darts Corporation to end the practice of having scantily clad women accompany darts players to the stage has had a mixed response. Is this the long overdue end of an intrinsically misogynistic practice? Or political correctness gone mad?

Facebook has announced it will emphasise more local stories in your newsfeed. This is the latest in a series of changes to the social media platform. Will prioritising local news help us all to feel more connected to our communities? Or are we about to inundated with stories of aggressive seagulls and cats stuck up trees?

Young people prefer to talk to people they don’t know via social media rather than face-to-face according to new research from Cancer UK. Have young people forgotten how to speak to strangers? Should we all make a greater effort to get to know our neighbours?

Black cats are languishing in animal shelters across the UK because they don’t photograph well and we all want the purrrfect Instagrammable pet. Is the answer as some suggest, to neuter young black cats before they get any big ideas? Meow?