The Headliner – North Korea tests an H-bomb, Kate and Wills are expecting and John Lewis goes gender neutral

North Korea tests an H-bomb, Kate and Wills are expecting and John Lewis goes gender neutral

North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb, increasing fears of a nuclear strike. American diplomat Nikki Haley says they are “begging for war”. The media coverage spoke of catastrophe and World War Three. Just how far can North Korea’s missiles reach? Can this global crisis be adverted?

In other lighter – less apocalyptic – news, it was announced that Kate and Wills are expecting another baby. While most sent congratulations, others were less taken with the news and couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. The big questions is: what will the new prince or princess be called?

The PR industry hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons on Monday when industry trade body, the PRCA, very publicly expelled Bell Pottinger for ethical misconduct.
Will the South Africa scandal force agencies to think twice about their client list?

Winchester and Eton have both been embroiled in a cheating scandal after it emerged teachers had passed information to pupils about upcoming exams. Meanwhile St Olave’s school has been forced to back down on its decision to withdraw A-level students’ places after failing to achieve certain grades. Is our obsession with league tables and exams driving schools to bad behaviour?

Elsewhere, new research from the Children’s Society has found that 40 per cent of 10 to 17-year-olds worry about crime. What’s more, the overall level of happiness continues to fall each year. Is 24-hour news and more first-hand accounts making crime seem close to home and increasing anxiety in children?

John Lewis has ditched ‘boys and ‘girls’ labels on its children’s clothes. While many have praised the retailer for its progressive approach, others have slammed the move as political correctness gone mad. Is this a step towards greater gender equality? Or simply a very clever marketing campaign?