The Headliner – #Metoo is on the march, Christmas adverts fracture opinion and Stormzy is stuck in the bog

#Metoo is on the march, Christmas adverts fracture opinion and Stormzy is stuck in the bog

With special guests Amelia Ayres and Dave Horner from Diagonal View

After much anticipation the John Lewis Christmas advert has finally been unveiled, starring Moz the Monster. But the creative offering, from award-winning film director Michel Gondry, has had a mixed response. Is it a touching tale of one little boy’s vivid imagination and the impact the right Christmas gift can have, or is it a confusing and decidedly un-festive offering?

Tesco’s Christmas advert features the message ‘Everyone’s welcome at Tesco’. But it was not welcomed by everyone. Some viewers took umbrage at the inclusion of a Muslim family in the montage of people celebrating. Was this a creative misstep by the UK‘s largest supermarket, or have we become a nation of complainers, who are actively looking for anything to moan about?

Facebook has put out a carefully crafted statement, which seems to suggest for the first time that Russian linked accounts may have used the site to attempt to sway public opinion on the EU referendum. Are we being influenced by an online army of bots? Or are we over estimating the power of fake posts?

It seems no matter what you are in the middle of, the lure of the camera is impossible to resist. Eric Rivers, a bank robber in Georgia, took time out between heists to film an interview with a local traffic reporter. His local media appearance, which led to his arrest, is currently trending on YouTube. But what is it that makes a video trend? And does Eric regret taking a break from his crime spree to give an interview?

In Los Angles, thousands of people marched in support of victims of sexual assault and harassment. Inspired by the #Metoo campaign, it has revealed just how widespread this type of abuse is,also proving the potential of social media to be a powerful force for good. Why did this hashtag resonate so strongly and what’s next for the #Metoo movement?

Sometimes when you’ve got to go, you’ve just got to go, as Stormzy found out at this year’s MTV European Music Awards. After rushing to use the facilities, the musician realised he had accidentally used ladies and was trapped for fear of seeming creepy. His answer: an SOS message to a friend and to tell all his followers on Snapchat. Embarrassing blunder? Or funny story that only makes us love him more?