The Headliner: Media in the time of covid – what comes next?

The Headliner is back with a brand-new format. Bigger and better than ever.

Each month, join us as we run through three hot button topics in the world of media, marketing and communications. We’ll be joined by special guests, as well as our own gang of experts from Eulogy.

In this episode, host Matt Gray is joined by Nigel Clarkson, global chief revenue officer at Hivestack. Nigel has held leadership positions at Global, Exterion Media UK and Oath, and is a true expert in out of home (OOH), programmatic, radio and digital media.

He joins Elisabeth Field, our CEO, for our first feature, the Conversation. They discuss how our media landscape has changed over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic – driven by new consumption habits. Which new sources are people trusting the most? How can news media brands that are struggling adapt to survive? And do we all have a responsibility to avoid sharing misinformation?

Nigel then explains what trends the digital out of home (DOOH) space is seeing in the wake of two lockdowns. Advertising consumption may be down in the major cities, but a rise in people shopping locally points to brighter opportunities ahead.

In this episode’s central feature, the Dive, Matt is joined by the authors of Eulogy’s Season’s Eatings food and drink report to discuss the importance of brand tone of voice – something consumer brands need to think carefully about in challenging times. How do you tailor your tone to suit your audiences? What channels should you consider? And how can a brand maintain accountability in its communications?

Finally, Rich Ware and Jonny Erazo explore the local theme in more detail. The pandemic has shaped our relationship with our local communities, but there hasn’t been one shared Covid-19 experience. How does it impact different groups, regionally and socially? How are local businesses stepping in to provide change and support in their communities and what lasting effect will this have?


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