The Headliner – Love is no longer in the air


Millions were left wondering how to fill their evenings as Love Island 2018 came to an end. Will winning couple Jack and Dani live happily ever after? Are the show sponsors reaping the rewards of their involvement?

Robert Nesbit, regional director of Rail Delivery Group, made the bold claim that British trains are the envy of Europe. His brag was met with widespread derision and he was accused of “living on another planet”. Does the rest of Europe wish they had our train service or was Nesbit’s claim a load of hot air?

Guardian Media Group halved its losses, as its digital operations out-earned print for the first time ever. Is this a positive sign that online news can be profitable? Or is it too little too late?

And the Independent has launched a petition called ‘Final Say’, calling for a referendum on the government’s Brexit deal. Will the people get to vote again? Or is the idea of another referendum untenable?