The Headliner – Love is cheap at EasyHotel

Love is cheap at EasyHotel

The Oxfam scandal has dominated this week’s front pages with backlash from donors, corporate sponsors and ambassadors. Can the beleaguered charity recover from this reputational damage? What impact will these revelations have on the aid sector?

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has lifted its ban on travel to Tunisia and sun-seeking Brits have been booking holidays. With prices very low compared with other Mediterranean destinations, is Tunisia set to become 2018’s go-to package destination?

The Chinese New Year begins on Friday 16th of February. It comes with a host of superstitions that will apparently dictate how the next twelve months will be for each of us. For a lucky year, play it safe and avoid medicine, laundry and crying children. But just what does being born in the Year of the Dog mean?

New portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama, painted by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, were unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. The internet responded enthusiastically, turning the paintings into a series of memes. Have these portraits captured the essence of the Obamas?

The huge squad of North Korean cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics have caught the world’s media attention, with speculation about everything from their use of masks during a routine to the strict supervision of their minders. Is their presence part of a charm and peace offensive? If so, is it working?

EasyHotel has a special Valentine’s Day offer for the romantically inclined. For £5, couples can hire a pink and orange four-poster canopy to self-assemble in their room. Also included is a litre bottle of Fanta and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Is orange the new colour of love?