The Headliner: London goes green for Grenfell

London goes green for Grenfell

A jam packed Headliner podcast this week features very special guest Gemma Joyce, social data journalist at leading social intelligence company Brandwatch. How can insights gleaned from social media influence the news agenda at large?

For our regular panel discussion, Chloe was joined by Bilal and Fran to take a deep dive into the week’s major news stories.

This week marked the first year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Our panel looked at the ways in which individuals and organisations made commemorations on a day where Londoners truly stood as one.

World Cup hype has reached fever pitch in Eulogy HQ—although many of us are lamenting our poor luck in the office sweepstake (Come on Senegal! I believe!). How have brands jumped on the football bandwagon?

A common charge levelled at big tech companies is that they play fast and loose with customer data, but Apple are trying to buck this trend by changing settings to block a method used by intelligence services around the world to get into peoples phone’s. Will this keep people under oppressive regimes safe? Or frustrate well-meaning police forces?

Active posters may mean one thing to the digi-gurus here at Eulogy, but the Headliner has discovered a very different meaning. Find out how one charity has designed adverts that spread awareness—and insecticides!