The Headliner – Kane inflicts footballing pain

Kane inflicts footballing pain

The Headliner #75

England’s World Cup team defied the doubters and won their first match against Tunisia earlier. After so many years of hurt, is football finally coming home?

Thomas Markle has done an interview with Good Morning Britain, where he opened up about everything from Megan’s baby making plans to Harry’s political views. Did his controversial conversation break father daughter confidentiality?

Google has launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. But will the new streaming service be a number one hit, or will it strike a bum note?

Pass the ketchup, Big Mac is celebrating its 50th birthday! A whopping 3.3 million brits enjoy a Maccy D each day, proving they truly have the recipe for success. There can only be one question: do you want fries with that?

New research from Pride in London revealed that the majority of straight people care more about animal rights than gender equality or tolerance of people with different sexual identities. How do we create a world where everyone feels completely comfortable to be themselves?