The Headliner – Jamie’s jerk rice causes a food fight

Jamie’s jerk rice causes a food fight

Yet more turbulence for Ryanair. Customers were sent compensation cheques, without signatures, which bounced when they tried to cash them. Will this latest media storm further weather Ryanair’s already beleaguered reputation?

Jamie Oliver cooked up a controversy with his punchy jerk rice, which Labour MP Dawn Butler called cultural appropriation. Was it the misuse of ‘jerk’ that was objectionable or, as Zoe Williams claimed in the Guardian, was it a rich man “making money from an inauthentic dish, while those who eat the real thing get diddly-squat”?

To promote its signature collection, McDonald’s launched its first reservation-only luxury restaurant for one day only in Kensington—complete with a string quartet and diamond-encrusted cutlery. The journalists who attended were lovin’ it. Is this the fancy future of Maccy D’s?

PepsiCo has announced it is buying SodaStream for $3.2bn (£2.5bn). Will the deal see the business dominate the soft drinks market?