Hurricane Ophelia hits, Crimewatch gets the axe, and a round-up of the best Christmas food has us salivating

Hurricane Ophelia hits, Crimewatch gets the axe, and a round-up of the best Christmas food has us salivating 

Three people died and thousands were without power and water after Hurricane Ophelia struck the British Isles. Tropical air and dust from the Sahara, drawn by the storm, also caused the sky and sun to appear red.  It was extreme weather, but did our focus on the storm detract media attention from the terror attack in Somali? Or is it inevitable that dangerous weather conditions at home will dominate the front pages?

Who killed Crimewatch? If you have any information, please call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 1111. After 33 years and featuring over 4,000 cases Crimewatch has itself become the victim. Was it declining viewers or an out-dated format that finally killed the show? And will any dedicated fans attempt to stage a reconstruction?

A new report from thinktank Future Advocacy has confirmed Optimus is primed and ready to take on human jobs. Put plainly, the report predicts that automation will affect one in five jobs across the UK. Despite the threat the public appears largely untroubled, with only 2% very worried that they might be placed by a machine. Are we woefully oblivious to the risk we may become obsolete? Or are we wisely opting not to worry about things beyond our control?

The Today programme on BBC Radio 4 is a morning must for millions, providing reliable news and current affairs in uncertain times. The presenters are known for their aggressive, ‘take no prisoners’ style and it makes great radio. But for potential guests it’s a daunting prospect.  Is it worth the likely mauling to give your side of the story? Or are you better to refuse than risk it?

Yorkshire has a population similar in size to Scotland and an economy that’s bigger than 11 EU states, but despite several proposals councils have so far failed to agree a pan-Yorkshire deal to gain devolved powers. Will intervention from the Archbishop of York help end the stalemate? Would the official snack of a devolved Yorkshire be the Yorkshire Pudding or a Yorkie bar?

Finally, Good Housekeeping shared the results of an extensive Christmas food and drink taste test. M&S took top spot for turkey, while Aldi won best marks for its Christmas pud and Tesco had the finest mince pies. But is October too early to start planning the Christmas food shop? Or is it high time we ditched the diets and started scoffing brandy butter?