The Headliner – Hurricane Harvey, good guy Khosrowshahi and a boxing barney

Hurricane Harvey, good guy Khosrowshahi and a boxing barney

Tragic news from Houston this week, as the devastation of Hurricane Harvey continues to be felt. Coverage of the disaster has been inspirational in places, but perhaps too focused on personalities of President Trump in others. When our attention is drawn away from other similar catastrophes happening around the world, should we consider whether our obsession with the President has become too all encompassing?

The technology press loves a good Uber story, and this week has been no different with the appointment of new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. The relative unknown has made an impression through his affable personality, but is he the man to resolve the company’s well-known cultural challenges?

Rejoice! The bakers are back! The new Great British Bake Off debuted to critical and fan acclaim this week, despite worries about its move to Channel 4. With brands keen to get their hands on a share of 17 minutes of prime advertising space, could this quintessentially British of shows become a rival even to the razzmatazz of the Superbowl?

Talking of big bucks, this was the week of the “Money Fight”, as Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor squared off in Las Vegas. The amounts of money generated are enough to make your head spin, but has boxing’s brand emerged unscathed from the fight?

Another year, another Taylor Swift album, but this time there’s an intriguing partnership with Ticketmaster thrown into the mix. Are controversial plans to allow fans to pay for a greater chance of attending her concerts out of tune with her die-hard fan base?

And finally, are we about to see the end to the humble pizza delivery boy? With Domino’s trialling self-driving delivery vehicles, are takeaway consumers willing to take that crucial extra step… out of the front door?

But never fear, there’s no extra effort required here! Just hit play and join Matt, Susie and Adam on this week’s edition of the Headliner.