The Headliner: Grandad’s dancing as Evans is departing

Chris Evans announced live on air that he was leaving his regular post at BBC Radio 2, for a new role at Virgin Radio. But how will this effect Virgin Radio’s branding? And how will Radio 2 compete with the competition?

Former presidents from across the political spectrum united in their eulogies of the late US Senator John McCain—denouncing the political tactics of “insult and bombast”. So will this actually have an impact on online political debates?

After global criticism, Skype has announced it will be removing its new Snapchat-like features. What does this say about the impact of online criticism on a brand’s decision-making? And does this reflect a wider loyalty to a brand’s creative licencing?

There’s a lot we can learn from our grandparents: wisdom, family history and financial advice to name a few. But what exactly can they learn from us? Disney Kids recently revealed 20 things that grandparents can learn. But what does this really say about our generation? And what dance moves and Disney characters will our grandkids be teaching us about one day?