The Headliner – Feeling the heat?

Feeling the heat?

If there’s one thing Brits love talking about, it’s the weather—and this week it gave us plenty to discuss, as temperatures soared to over 30 degrees. The papers couldn’t resist the opportunity, with sunny scenes and heatwave warnings splashed across the frontpages throughout the week.

And if, like us, the sun has brought with it an insatiable appetite for ice cream, why not head to The British Museum of Food’s latest exhibition? Scoop: A Wonderful Ice Cream World celebrates our favourite summer treat, exploring its past, present and future.

Away from the heatwave, Alphabet this week reported its earnings for the last quarter. But, following a turbulent few months for Google’s parent company – and record fines from European regulators – how did it perform financially?

Those suffering slow broadband speeds may have to persevere a little longer than expected. A government report found it could take until 2033 for super-fast solutions to be available country-wide. The UK currently sits 35th in the world in the internet speed league table—trailing behind Japan, the US and a host of European countries.