The Headliner: Fake it till you bake it

The Headliner is back, as the bakers returned. Yes, GBBO is back on our screens and we couldn’t be happier—being a firm full of baking fanatics ourselves. An impressive advertising campaign has drummed up a cake tin full of excitement, but people are already mining contestant news feeds to find controversy. What does the treatment of Bake Off contestants tell us about our own digital habits?

The sunny weather we’ve had this summer means things aren’t so golden for the agriculture industry. Vegetable prices have jumped, and their could be a bacon shortage on the way. Is it time to stockpile our carrots?

Facebook has removed 5,000 targeting options from its advertising platform. That may sound like a lot—but it’s a small splash in the ocean of the social media behemoth. Facebook has said it will stop brands being able to discriminate by ethnicity or religion, but will it limit companies’ ability to target effectively?

Warren Buffett. The sage of Omaha. The investing guru whose followers hang on his every word. Recently, it appears that the man himself has been sharing lessons from his seven-decade career on twitter, and he’s been lapping up the retweets. But is everything quite as it seems?

And Matt popped his head into the studio to discuss his Media Moment of the Week. Is 96% of reporting on Trump really, as the President claims, from “left wing” news outlets?