The Headliner – Curling is cool, fool!

The Headliner #58: Curling is cool, fool!

David Davis announced that post-Brexit the UK won’t be like Mad Max—evocative language seized on by the media. But did his colourful comments succeed in reassuring business and Brussels that the UK will maintain high standards and regulations?

Fans have gone wild for the curling at this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang —from the eye-catching trousers of the Norwegian team to the alleged doping by Russian competitor Alexander Krushelnitzky. Is this game of strategy about to experience a surge in popularity?

A delivery ‘hiccup’ with their new suppliers has led to a chicken shortage for KFC causing them to close hundreds of stores across the country. Even those that are open are running a reduced menu. Will hangry fans return once chicken is finally back on the menu?

Guests at the BAFTAs showed their support for the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements by wearing black.  But there were some notable exceptions, including the Duchess of Cambridge. Was Her Royal Highness merely following royal protocol? Or failing to support her fellow women?

London Fashion Week has been a riot of creativity with some truly eye-catching designs, including from clothes made recycled plastic and sustainable wool. But are you fashion-forward enough to wear any of it?

The deadline to spend old £10 notes is fast approaching and according to the Bank of England latest figures, at least £2.1 billion worth of them are still in circulation. With only a couple of weeks until they cease to be legal tender, who has a stash of tenners they need to spend?