The Headliner – Comcast ends Murdoch’s three-decade reign at Sky

Comcast ends Murdoch’s three-decade reign at Sky

After months of speculation, the battle for Sky finally came to a head with Comcast out-bidding Rupert Murdoch’s Fox. The US cable giant submitted an eye-watering £30bn bid, equating to £17.28 per share. Shortly afterwards Fox announced it would sell all its shares—marking the end of Murdoch’s association with Sky, the business he founded in the 1980s.

Pret a Manger hit the headlines this week following the news that that teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who had a severe sesame allergy, died after eating a sandwich that did not have its ingredients labelled. Her death came as allergy sufferers were warned of an EpiPen shortage, with manufacturer Mylan experiencing supply problems.

In need of a digital detox? Apple’s latest iOS update includes ‘Screen Time’, a new feature that logs how much time people spend using apps on their phones. But could this new feature impact campaigns on social media?

Finally, following a series of controversial campaigns and negative press, craft beer brand BrewDog has announced plans to ditch ‘shock tactics’ in favour of a more traditional marketing strategy. It admitted that recent campaigns have been ‘inappropriate’ and signalled a return safer territory, focusing on its products rather than wider social issues.