The Headliner – Boris has caused a hoo ha, Ryanair has done a boo boo and Facebook introduces snooze

Boris has caused a hoo ha, Ryanair has done a boo boo and Facebook introduces snooze

After a mistake with holiday rota for pilots, Ryanair was forced to cancel up to 50 flights. Understandably irate customers took to social media to vent their frustrations. Can Europe’s biggest airline weather this latest turbulence? Or will this crisis see Michael O’Leary heading for the emergency exit?

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson set out his vision for Brexit in a lengthy article in the Telegraph. Was it back seat driving, or just Boris being Boris? Will this political infighting stall the Brexit negotiations, or can May keep the discussions on the road?

Sometimes you just need to hit snooze. Facebook has recognised this and is trialling a pause button that would give users the option to silence a person, page or group for anything from 24 hours to 30 days. Is this new feature a welcome way to give us all more control over our news feeds? Or simply a sneaky way for the social media giant to garner yet more data from its users?

Do not adjust your set, five new adverts on Channel four have been deliberately shot to show what life is like with various eye conditions. Will this innovative advertising help more people see what life is like for the visually impaired, or will mixing an awareness campaign with commercial messaging all end up as a bit of a blur?

Sainsbury’s has shot its latest advert through the lens of Snapchat Spectacles. They are the first to use the glasses to film an advert. Is this new format a must-have for every marketer’s shopping list? Or will Snapchats young users be reluctant to ‘check out’ the grocer’s ad?

Research from Women in Journalism (WIJ) found that 75% of front page by-lines are written by men. Is this because women can’t write for toffee and quite frankly should get back to the kitchen? Or a shocking imbalance that needs to be addressed immediately?