The Headliner – Boris has breExited

Boris has brExited!

Boris has carried out his own personal leave campaign by stepping down as Foreign Secretary with Brexit discussions in full swing, highlighting divisions within the Conservative party. His stepping down came before Trump’s visit to the UK, who himself believes Boris is well suited to the Prime Minister’s role—watch out Theresa! Is the Conservative Party in trouble?

Is it coming home? Well it isn’t for England but it is for the boys in Thailand. After almost three weeks of fear and horror for the trapped football team, a rescue mission has been successfully carried out inside the flooded caves. All 12 boys and their coach are now back home to safety. What’s more, after missing most of the World Cup, they’ve been offered free tickets to final.

On that, saying this week is a big week for global sporting championships is something of an understatement. With the World Cup Final on the horizon, the nation has understandably been on tenterhooks (at the time of recording, that is). The World Cup isn’t the only championship final this weekend however. Remember Wimbledon? The World Cup’s jealous sibling? This week the tournament has made its last attempts to steal back some of the limelight from the footie in Russia—from Rufus the Hawk, to smartphone bans. Which final will you be watching this weekend?

If you haven’t heard, it’s ice cream month! And what a controversy it’s caused already. YouGov revealed that the UK’s favourite ice lolly is the Magnum, which has sparked a raging debate on social around what actually constitutes an ‘ice lolly’. We’ll hopefully come to an agreement soon.