2020 tech trends report: Riding the new wave of disruption

2020 was already set to be one of the most challenging years ever for technology companies trying to cut through the noise, build trust and drive commercial growth.

Then the world turned upside down.

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has forced technology businesses to reprioritise their goals around survival and rethink their purpose in a new reality.

Amidst the disorder, we are seeing unprecedented innovation and collaborative efforts from the tech industry, as it pivots to support the fight against the global pandemic.

The rise of purpose-driven innovation is front of mind for all.

Reputations are being lost and won in this battle. Long-term growth is being decided by the actions taken now.

Eulogy has teamed up with leading global tech brands including HP, Seedcamp, MINI and MIT Technology Review, to provide essential communications advice on how tech firms can weather the storm and emerge stronger, more resilient and ready for growth.

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