Season’s Eatings: Christmas 2020 Food & Drink Report

2020 has tested the food and drink industry, showcased its resilience, and proven how flexible brands have to be to deal with unforeseen challenges.

We’ve seen digital transformations that would have taken years be mastered in a matter of months. Meanwhile, creative campaigns have left audiences inspired or delighted.

How Food and Drink Brands Can Deal With Uncertainty Before Christmas

Eulogy’s team of food and drink specialists have looked at best-in-class examples from leading food and drink brands to glean how they’ve dealt with the challenges posed by COVID-19 so far, and how brands can apply these strategies in the run up to Christmas.

The report touches on the challenges that lie ahead, and ways to make sure your brand stays top of mind with consumers over the coming months and beyond.

What’s In The Eulogy Food and Drink Christmas Report:

  • The importance in ensuring your marketing is flexible during uncertain times
  • Improve brand sentiment through purpose and community building
  • The rise of nostalgia in marketing
  • Great social media campaigns implemented by food and drink brands
  • Best practice in brand partnerships and influencer marketing

To find out how Eulogy can help your brand navigate the challenges ahead, make noise and stand out from the crowd, please contact Shannon, Associate Director, heading up our food and drink offering at Eulogy: [email protected]