Screen, sanitation and innovation

Plenty of parents would agree that kids today spend way too much time inside on their screens. But how can they be tempted to play outside again? Well, as part of their ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign, Omo (or Persil) have found the answer – a book that only be read when smeared in dirt. Will this encourage more children to play outside? Or do tablet companies need to work harder to prevent screen addiction from a young age?

New research has found that a tenth of young women in the UK have struggled to pay for pads and tampons during their periods. That’s why Hey Girls UK has released its own ‘make your own sanitary pad’ to highlight the lengths and efforts that many girls and women are forced to go through during this time. So how is this campaign using shock to make us think? And why has it been successful so far?

The world of Botox is about to change forever. That’s what some believe, as Superdrug launched its £99 Botox and filler treatment in its flagship store in the Strand, London. But why are experts concerned? And how could change public perceptions of the Superdrug brand?

With spare change increasingly on the decline, we may be living in a cashless society sooner than expected. However, those wishing to donate may still have a way of doing so, as an Oxford University-backed initiative is testing a way for passers-by to donate to the homeless through barcodes. So will this encourage passers-by to donate if they don’t have change?