Schoology: Stand up to stand out

We all like to think of ourselves as funny people, especially here at Eulogy. And last month, a group of us tested our abilities in a stand-up comedy workshop with Funny Women’s Lynne Parke .

Leading up to our Schoology session, we were full of anticipation. We knew the workshop was meant to build our confidence, but what was the day actually going to look like? Would we crash and burn? Or would we rise like phoenixes of the comedy world?

Learning the ropes

Despite our nerves, we were calmed by each other’s presence (our gang is no stranger to looking silly in front of each other) and Lynne immediately put us at ease. She explained that we would go through different exercises, culminating in an on-stage group presentation in front of some of the harshest comedy critics around – the Eulogy Ops Board.

One of the first exercises to build our confidence was maintaining eye contact while paying each other compliments. This may sound easy, but some people find it hard to accept praise – especially true of Brits. The task helped us embrace compliments and feel confident in ourselves. A few more exercises followed, helping us focus our attention and think on our feet.

As part of the final task, we had to discuss in pairs what we love, hate and what we wish for. This was right up our alley. Working in the comms industry, we love thinking creatively and unleashing our imaginations. Which led us to the grand finale.

The big performance

Building on our crazy dreams and wishes, we had to group into teams to present hysterical imaginary products – on stage. Our QVC-style performances featured dogs that can turn into personal chefs, advertising campaigns for stretchers that make people taller, and a theatrical delivery of a particularly genius product – Camembush, the plant that gives you melted camembert cheese when squeezed.

Outrageous? Yes. Absolutely hilarious? You bet.

With Lynne’s guidance, we embraced and leaned into our roles to deliver the performances of a lifetime. From the enthusiastic clapping and laughter, the Ops Board seemed to agree.

The Schoology session was incredibly fun, no doubt. But more importantly, we all came out of it feeling more confident. If we can do this, pitching big ideas to our clients will be a walk in the park. We’ll find out in our next Schoology session, the new business boot camp.