Royal Wedding fever is among us

The country has been gearing up for a royal hoopla this weekend, when Prince Harry will get hitched to American actress Meghan Markle. Whether you’re a staunch royalist, a general fan of the celebrity couple, or just happen to be in the UK during the momentous occasion, it’s hard not to get swept up in royal wedding fever.

It’s definitely the case for many brands in the UK and across the pond, with some fantastic activations and PR stunts taking place. However, with some journalists expressing wedding fatigue, it’s important for brands to ensure their activations feel authentic and that they aren’t just jumping on the bandwagon.

While some may just need to keep calm and carry on, others have captured the nation’s attention with creativity and boldness. Here are our picks of the royally best brand activations out there.

Legoland’s Windsor Castle

Legoland Windsor unveiled a 39,960-brick version of Harry and Meghan’s wedding venue. The replica of Windsor Castle has been specially built for the occasion and comes with Lego versions of the bride and groom, not to mention the many celebrity guests. So, if you weren’t one of the 1,200 invitees, head over to Legoland Windsor instead to celebrate with the miniatures.


McVitie’s has launched a new version of its much-loved chocolate digestives, with a Royal Wedding twist. We always associate the delicious biscuits with Britishness, so McVitie’s has mixed things up by adding an American tang to its popular snack in honour of Meghan. The limited-edition boxes will now have fudge pieces, cocoa and brownie flavouring.

EasyJet’s royal lookalikes

Airline EasyJet set up a Europe-wide competition to find the couple who most resemble Harry and Meghan. On Monday, one lucky couple were crowned the winners, impressing panellists with their regal wave, wedding proposal, bridal bouquet throw and, of course, by being the spitting image of the royal couple. The winners have bagged a year’s worth of flights, kicking off a pretty royal life.

Windsor and Eton brewery

Royal fans with a taste for beer will be able to celebrate with a special ale brewed in the town where the couple will get married. “Harry & Meghan’s Windsor Knot” has been brewed to give the traditional British pint a US twist. According to the brewer, the pale ale is made from barley grown in Windsor’s royal farm, to represent Harry, and combined with hops from the west coast of America, reflecting Meghan’s heritage.

Mayhew Animal Welfare charity

This one tugged at our heart strings so much we just had to include it. Mayhew Animal Welfare charity were royally shocked when they took in a box of five-week-old kittens who had been dumped. The staff decided to give the four kittens monarch-worthy monikers: Harry, Meghan, Kate and Liz. Once they are old enough, they will be offered homes fit for a king or queen. Awwww.