Power to the people

Adapting your marketing strategy for a people-led resurgence

By Lis Field, CEO, Eulogy

When I joined Eulogy five and a half years ago, I was struck from day one by the sense of togetherness. That overriding feeling of ‘team’; that we were all in it together, and that we relied on and supported each other in our pursuit of great work for our clients.

I quickly learned that it was a sentiment we shared with our clients, too. We wanted clients to feel connected to us, to feel part of a bigger team. And because we were independent, and small, we could be nimble.

We are still that people business. We are a bunch of talkers and sharers and creators. Great people working with great clients and doing some really great things.

The difference now is that we’re not physically together. But we’re adapting with our clients, as we help them navigate this new world that has been thrust at us all.The biggest adaption is in not where we work, but on what we work.

Plenty has been written about effective marketing strategies during this coronavirus crisis. And much of it has been wrapped up in a comfort blanket of our future—how brands have an opportunity – nay a responsibility – to help rebuild communities; how they have the chance to shape a future world where we all care a little more about the things that matter. The new world order.

But I think that’s a very one-sided view. People should lead the way. And the way in which we lead is by having something to say that people want to hear. Something that entertains them when they need a distraction; something of substance that makes them think; something that motivates them when they need a push.

That’s what marketing is. Good marketers do this in a way that makes people stick—they use words and images that entertain, entice, and educate. They make those words and images tell a story about what they want the business to be known for, and from a human point of view.

Good marketers do it in a way that every time their audience looks at it, they feel connected. They feel seen.

As Mark Ritson said recently, smart marketers don’t stop because the world’s changed. They just change what they say to the world.

If you think your brand shouldn’t engage with your usual audience in these unusual times, think again.

Has your target market changed? Absolutely. It may be smaller. It may be bigger. Either way, it will be different. And your specific audiences? They’ve changed too. They may be out of work; they may be working from home; they may have taken a pay cut; they may be ill; they may be recovering; they may be scared; they may be stressed; they may be exhausted. Do you know?

The businesses you’re trying to attract may be operating on limited capacity, or not buying services at all.

How do you engage with them now? Those stakeholders whose reactions and analysis shape how others perceive your company may be distracted and looking at other things. Or they may just be watching. And waiting.

However different your audiences may be now, and however differently they may have been affected by COVID-19, they all have one thing in common: they’re human. They wake up listening and reading and watching; they spend their days listening and reading and watching; they may be juggling work with home-schooling (that’s a whole new fresh hell), whilst trying to figure out a thousand other things. And amongst all this, they seek solace in the mundane and get motivation from the meaningful. So those businesses that offer something that makes us laugh, makes us think, or makes us act, become the crutch on which we lean.

If you don’t have a nimble marketing strategy for the next few months that can bend and flex to the changes we are all going through – the change in public sentiment, spending patterns and global economic trends – then you’re in for a tough ride.

Being in lockdown can change a company culture within days. But at Eulogy, that sense of team and togetherness with our clients has not changed. And it’s because we see our role as a partner, not a supplier. We’re a colleague who will bend and flex with your needs, and support you before you need it most. We can help you understand the changes going on for your audiences in a way that helps your business – and your brand – get through.

We’re here not just for the good times, but the tough times too.


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