May in numbers: Sundays

The latest available ABC figures – for April 2018 – show a more positive month for the Sundays, with some notable publications growing their circulations since March and slowing year-on-year decline. The Sun on Sunday remains the most read Sunday paper, and attracted just under 30,000 new readers in the month to reach 1,253,305 print circulation.

The Sunday Mirror, which for some time has suffered a dramatically eroding readership, will be bolstered by the addition of 10,000 new readers in the month. Its year-on-year decline is still substantial, but has slowed to 17.47 per cent.

However, it has not all been positive. The decline of the Observer – one of the best performing publications amongst March’s ABC figures – has sped up once again–now standing at 6.39 per cent. And the team at the Sunday Express will be downhearted to see their papers circulation dip under 300,000 (from 307,000 to 299,000).