Making the Headlines: The shape we’re in

“F*@k, I’m Nearly 40”

That might sound overly dramatic but, having just turned 39, I think a mid-life crisis is nigh.

But instead of the hedonistic clichés of buying a sports car and having a torrid affair, I’m choosing something more holistic—an existential crisis over my own health and wellbeing.

To be honest, I haven’t really lived that much of an unhealthy life to date. I stopped smoking over 15 years ago. I drink with the same moderation as most. I exercise. But, recently, I’ve been paying far more attention to my health.

I’m not alone. And I don’t think it’s just an age thing. Amidst turbulent political waters, climate emergencies and pressurised lives, we’ve become more focused than ever on our personal wellbeing.

It seemed like the right time to explore my own concerns on mind and body beautiful in our new miniseries, Making the Headlines: The shape we’re in. Over a series of three podcasts, I’ll be talking to the experts and brands at the forefront of the sector—discussing everything from nutrition to alternative foods, mental health and more.

Episode one: Nutrition and who to trust

A key part of staying healthy – both physically and mentally – relies on what we put in our bodies. Once the reserve of high-performance athletes, ideas of good nutrition are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. And brands are making the most of this.

In the first episode of Making the Headlines: The shape we’re in, I spoke to two companies making waves in the sector, Neat Nutrition and Rude Health, as well as the world’s foremost fitness publisher, Men’s Health. I wanted to know: what sets apart the fads from the fitness phenomena? And, more importantly, how do we know who to trust?

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The shape we’re all in

I’m not going on this journey of exploration alone, however. Any personal journey is quite rightly influenced by the experiences of others. After all, that’s what makes us human in the first place.

Over the course of Making the Headlines: The shape we’re in, a number of Eulogites will be contributing with their own experiences and expertise, so we can reach a better understanding of what drives our collective health and wellbeing.

In Taking a bite out of influence, I was joined by Sam Beer to take a deeper look at a world of trends, influencers and transparency. It’s human nature to look for quick answers and more people are turning to brands for advice on how to better live their lives. But with so much noise, who can we trust?

Then, in Revolution or evolution? How technology is diversifying the health and wellness industry, Teresa Beeley assessed the technology shaping how we stay healthy. The traditional gym is being challenged by a wave of new, at-home training apps and products. But is this any different to the VHS home exercise boom of the 80s and 90s? Could gyms really disappear?


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