Making the Headlines: London Tech Week Special

Traversing the Trough of Disillusionment

Join award-winning communications agency, Eulogy, in this special edition London Tech Week podcast, as we tackle some of the tech industry’s most pressing reputational challenges.

As big tech continues to face increasing scrutiny around issues such as data privacy and the future role of humanity, a rising tide of scepticism and suspicion is building momentum. Grappling with the seismic shifts brought by advanced innovation, trust in the sector has reached an all-time low. Each day seems to bring new reports of unethical practices and questions around automation replacing employment, while movements such as #TechWontBuildIt expand from deep within.

In this special edition Making the Headlines podcast, we bring together a panel of industry experts to debate these important issues. We’re joined by Emily Nicolle, technology editor at City AM; Kelly Smith, European PR Manager at Hitachi Europe; and Imogen Pierce, PR Manager at ARRIVAL, to reflect on the industry’s greatest challenges and discuss what steps firms can take to reframe the conversation.

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