London to Paris training tales: Adam

The Bloodwise London to Paris cycle route is about 500 kilometres long.

500 kilometres is just over 300 miles.

My commute for work is 9 miles.

So this cycle to Paris is basically doing my cycle to and from work 33.3 times.

That’s my thought process on my training rides around London as I prepare to tackle the September Bloodwise London to Paris ride with the team from Eulogy.

My training cycle
Now that we’ve gotten over the first challenge of ensuring all of us actually have a bike to ride, the excuses are out the way and the training is reaching its peak.

I feel in a good position having cycled across France last year with a trailer and younger sibling in tow, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking. My training schedule typically consists of a few cycles to work during the week and then a longer (80-120 kilometre) cycle during the weekends. Add to that the London to Brighton ride, London Bikeathon and training for the Ealing Half Marathon and I’m feeling good about September.

My main concern this training cycle has been about injury and fatigue. At the end of a slow-paced 80-kilometre cycle last week I dismounted my stallion (Ridgeback World Tour) only to promptly slip and crack my knee. It’s been a gentle few days easing back into training but thankfully the damage doesn’t appear to be lasting.

The fundraising sprint
In the build-up to September 14th my focus is going to be on tackling a few hill sprints (Box Hill anyone?) and working out how to attach my water bottle holder to my frame properly. Most importantly, I’ll be continuing with the fundraising for the ride, with our £5,000 target firmly in sight. Any donations are welcome and can be made here: