The Headliner – Jaguar Land Rover goes down a gear

Jaguar Land Rover moved 2,000 staff at its Castle Bromwich plant to a three-day week, the manufacturer said they made the decision following difficult conditions in the industry, caused by Brexit and slumping sales of diesel-powered cars. Can this stall in UK car production be reversed?

The UK capital was extra glamorous this week as fashionistas jetted into town for London Fashion Week. Victoria Beckham’s first UK show was declared a “runway” success. Her family were in the front row to support her, but did the smiling photos show the full picture?

A flurry of stories suggested that hugely popular video game Fortnite was responsible for 200 divorces a year. But a close look at the research by the Independent found that Fortnite’s marriage wrecking ability had been over exaggerated. A poorly worded press release? Or a calculated attempt to exploit the popularity of Fortnite?

Australia has been gripped by a national strawberry scare after sewing needles have been found hidden in the fruit. What would compel someone to commit this type of crime?

Finally, Dan joined us to talk through his Media Moment of Week. Ofcom has called for independent internet regulation, following new research warning that 20% of Britons have been harmed by web content. Should the internet be regulated and does Ofcom have the clout to do it?