Five to Inspire

In need of creative inspo to get you through the rest of January? Our #FiveToInspire round-up is back. Including a podcast to fill in your knowledge gaps, a book for creatives and a must-watch Netflix series. Check it out here.

Five to Inspire


I thought Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown was going to be like Somebody Feed Phil. Fortunately it’s nothing like it. It’s much more than a documentary about food, delving into the cultures around the world that have stories to tell that we may not yet have heard. Season one’s LA Koreatown episode being an early highlight with Roy Choi and David Choe (check out how he got rich here, great story) both on top form. And we’re labelling this one lockdown friendly as it’s twelve seasons long.



Some of the top tips from this book have already made their way around the agency, but here’s another as a reminder. It’s from Now Try Something Weirder: How to Keep Having Great Ideas and Survive in the Creative Business by Michael Johnson. The secret to being more creative? More practice. Linus Pauling said “The best way to have good ideas is to have lots of ideas and throw away the bad ones”. Stop staring at a blank screen, waiting for a ‘Eureka!’ moment. Start scribbling. Stick things on the wall. Create stuff. Share it with others. It’s amazing how often just talking about your ideas leads to new, better ones.



Long-running podcast You’re Wrong About takes one topic you think you might know everything about, and deep dives into it. They’ve tackled everything from the trial of OJ Simpson to the Y2K bug to those weird few weeks where people dressed up as clowns and hung out on street corners. It will soon be back with new episodes full of interesting factoids and surprising revelations.



Discourse is a new blog set up last year, hosting unique voices and posts on everything from politics to internet culture. Their no-nonsense style makes a change from more traditional media, with titles like: ‘Silicon Valley Dorks Are Freaking Out About The Google Union.



The Guardian is hosting one of their masterclass webinars on creativity hosted by psychologist and Neuroscientist Anna Abraham. Drawing on the latest science about how our brains and minds work, you can learn how best to tap into your own creativity.