February in Numbers: the Sundays

The latest ABC figures show divided fortunes for the Sunday papers—some climbing from December’s sales figures, while others struggled.

The Sun on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror have surpassed their December circulation figures, while the Mail on Sunday and Sunday Telegraph’s spiral further downwards.

January’s figures saw the Mail on Sunday fall to new depths. Sales dropped to 1,106,067—a year-on-year fall of 12.4 per cent. It was a similar tale for The Sunday Telegraph, which fell by 4,587 to a circulation of 298,720.

The Sunday Mirror has turned a different page, its circulation rising to 506,866 in January. Likewise, The Sun on Sunday experienced a 59,844 copy increase in sales to 1,286,859. This brings the Sun on Sunday’s year-on-year circulation percentage change to only a 6.5 per cent, widening the gap between itself and the Mail on Sunday.