February in numbers: the dailies

February’s headline update for the dailies came with the news that the Daily Star had overtaken the Daily Telegraph for the first time in over a year—according to the latest figures from ABC.

The Daily Telegraph, one of Britain’s three most expensive newspapers at £1.40 an issue, was down 18 per cent in circulation year-on-year—at 385,346. The Star sold 391,988 copies in January 2018, putting the paper down 12 per cent year-on-year but constituting a 6,642-copy triumph over The Telegraph.

The Guardian, attempting to safeguard its profits, underwent a size reduction to fit in with the newspaper industry’s increasingly tabloid orientated aesthetic. It may have pinned its hopes on the rebrand restoring a healthy profit margin, but the Guardian is still behind The Times—which released its first tabloid-style paper in 2003.

Yet, the Guardian has seen a relatively minor 3 per cent drop year-on-year, with circulation figures landing at 153,000—possibly bolstered by interest in its rebrand. This compares well to the Daily Telegraph’s drastic 18.4 per cent drop, and the Daily Mirror’s 19.55 per cent plunge (to 583,000).

The Daily Express and the Sun saw their year-on-year percentages fall too, both with a 7 per cent decrease in January 2018 sales compared to the previous year.